Kraftplats  | Cherry - Sofia Ekenlund Edition
Kraftplats  | Cherry - Sofia Ekenlund Edition
Kraftplats  | Cherry - Sofia Ekenlund Edition
Kraftplats  | Cherry - Sofia Ekenlund Edition
Kraftplats  | Cherry - Sofia Ekenlund Edition
Kraftplats  | Cherry - Sofia Ekenlund Edition
Kraftplats  | Cherry - Sofia Ekenlund Edition
Kraftplats  | Cherry - Sofia Ekenlund Edition
Kraftplats  | Cherry - Sofia Ekenlund Edition
Kraftplats  | Cherry - Sofia Ekenlund Edition
Kraftplats  | Cherry - Sofia Ekenlund Edition
Kraftplats  | Cherry - Sofia Ekenlund Edition

Kraftplats | Cherry - Sofia Ekenlund Edition

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This case is designed together with @sofiaekenlund

We call it "kraftplats", which describes it so well.
A source of power from the wild and the free. With the king of the forest in magical balance with nature and all living creatures

We are so excited about this case and we hope that when you use it, it will give you the same source of power as it has to us!

-Wood is a natural material, therefore all cases are unique!
-Compatible with wireless chargers

We are working hard to provide smart products for you. This case has been manufactured in a mold, which is the eco-friendliest way of production there is, with as close to zero plastic spill! It has been through rigid testing for most toxics, leaving you with a safe case to use that you can throw in the combustible bin when you are done using it.

Hard plastics are difficult to recycle, but we are doing our best to provide the best options for the products that are produced using the material. For each case we sell we want to create a positive net effect through various projects. Please read more about how we calculate the emissions and compensate for them!

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3 gÄnger vikten
Vi plockar upp plast

I samarbete med Plastic Bank ser vi till att 3 gÄnger vikten av ditt skal plockas upp ur naturen (pÄ t.ex. Haiti) och blir en del i ett nytt handelssystem - nÀmligen handeln med den Ätervunna plasten. Detta ger ett vÀrde pÄ plasten som i sin tur skapar arbetsmöjligheter, mer ÄteranvÀndning och en renare natur. NÄgra steg i rÀtt riktning! Om du dessutom Ätervinner detta skal som brÀnnbart (om det kastas i Sverige) sÄ ÄteranvÀnds energin och totalt minskar skrÀpmÀngden pÄ planeten

HĂ„llbart skogsbruk och testade material

Vi anvÀnder FSC-certifierat trÀ i vÄra produkter, vilket innebÀr ett hÄllbart skogsbruk som motverkar skövling, med fokus pÄ djur natur och mÀnniska

Testat mot farliga tillsatser, skalet Àr testat för bland annat kadmium, bly, kvicksilver, 6t-chrome, PBBs, PBDEs, Bis(2-ethylexyl), ftalater och lever upp till de krav och regleringar vi har i Sverige

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