About us

North Ones

Is a company with the aim to be the best at what we do. We strive to deliver the best phone cases on the market with you and our planet in mind - to be your best option in an ever-changing world. We focus on having toxic-free products that are ethically made and with the lowest emission rate possible. With our cases you can meet the world!

Our Story

North Ones started off as a business that imported all types of phone cases and sold them to Swedish consumers. But we wanted to make something different, something better; we now have a product selection that is separating us from the rest of the market and products that we believe is laying the foundation for our dream, to crush the myth that a company can't have good products and do well at the same time. And we're getting closer everyday!  

 With our recycled cork cases you get a natural, living case with unique designs, like nowhere else! Our wood cases are FSC certified and feels like a charm in your hand. Our environmentally friendly compostable Pela cases are the perfect alternative for you who want a biodegradable option based on flax seeds.

We do not believe in over-consumption

Well... so how does this help us sell more cases? It kind of doesn't. But we're ok with that. We want to be part of something that works in the long haul.
Sustainable consumption of products like ours is the only thing that will work in the future!
Our ideology is that: 
If you need a new phone case, we should be your best option.
We work hard everyday to bring the best possible solutions to you for the world we live in today, constantly looking for the new best things.


So, you can't just go around shouting the word "sustainability" and hope it checks all the boxes. Sustainability is so much more. For us, sustainability starts with transparency.

Strong areas: 

  • Environmental sustainability - we have thorough calculations about each products lifecycle and the material used. We focus mainly on CO2 emissions and calculate how we can best deal with it. And we are dealing with it
  • Manufacturing control - we have good knowledge about the manufacturing process for each case. This helps us calculate emissions rates and ensure the best method is being used to reduce emissions and create energy-efficient products.
  • Ethics: We know we are not perfect. But there is no such a thing as perfection today. No product is 100% sustainable in all areas. What we do is constantly developing to always be the best possible, and we disclose our work for you to judge
  • Factory and product control: If you choose Pela, we guarantee good working conditions and pro global equality. We can also specify the exact origin of the materials and know that the land owners are not being used directly or indirectly is the case with many products, especially for indigenous people

Weak areas:

  • Social sustainability. For our wood and cork cases, we can not guarantee working against global equality and the quality of the working conditions for everybody involved, we have not been to the factories ourselves to perform random checks or similar. We put high demands on our supplier and right now their word is our baseline. Something that will improve as we grow and can increase demands and then give guarantees we know for sure are correct.
  • Product origin. For our wood and cork cases, we can tell the country of origin, however we can not specify it more exact than that right now, we can not specify it to the farmers name. The reason for this is simply that we are not big enough yet, but we would like to achieve this in the future.
  • We still rely on sales of plastic phone cases. Something we want to do less and less as we evolve. We use these sales to evolve our new product lines. It is a high priority for us.
  • Toxics. Although extremely profound guarantees from our suppliers, we can not guarantee the products from being entirely toxic free, since we have not done the tests ourselves, we do have very exhaustive documentation from suppliers that we audited thoroughly with expertise, this is our current baseline. 

What you get

You get
- Thought through, unique products
- Transparency and documentation. We are honest about what we sell.
- The possibility to make a conscious choice, you should be able to decide what you want to support
- Easy access to our amazing customer service
- Your product in the mailbox within two days (goes for orders paid and confirmed before 13.00 in Sweden!) See shipping times for other countries
- Opportunity to return your product and get your money back within 30 days! counted from the day you receive your order.
- Take part of our hard work to obtain the smartest products available today!
- Become a part of a new era and redefining how we shop today

What we get

When you shop with us, you give us the chance to show the world that there is a possibility for something better! We are very passionate when it comes to what we do and we want to seize every moment with you we can get! 

At the end of the day, it's all about the cases...
We sell innovative phone cases with focus on design, functionality and sustainability. Welcome on board! 



Ted Lindgren, Founder
"I am incredibly happy and proud of the business we can present for you today. I believe that business and positive change for a society and nature is something that can go hand in hand. I believe in delivering innovative and smart phone cases, challenging the market and creating something better. That's why I'm very grateful to you for visit our website - together we can make a difference."

North Ones is a brand within Ingeborg AB, 559027-0202