Limited Edition Collection

North Ones konceptet

Vad är speciellt med våra skal?

inspired by the wild

Nordic Design

Each design begins with an idea, which is then realized with the help of paper and pencil, and finally burned into the wood or Cork with the help of laser in our studio

To all WoodCases

A swedish-based company with nature and style in mind

We are here to make things happen. Our products have been carefully chosen to represent you as a person and us as a brand. We are very proud to present the beautiful hand drawn prints we have made for the cork and wood cases. We have also made sure that all the wood we are using in our products is FSC certified, the packaging we send our products in is 99,9% plastic free and the amazing Pela cases are 100% eco friendly and compostable!
Thank you choosing North Ones.

med Plastic Bank

Vi plockar upp plast

Det finns redan så mycket tillverkad plast redan på planeten att vi inte behöver tillverka någon ny för att klara oss! Vi kan helt enkelt bara använda den som redan finns!
I samarbete med Plastic Bank ser du till att plast som ligger och skräpar plockas upp och återvinns!

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