Midnight / Bamboo
Midnight / Bamboo
Midnight / Bamboo
Midnight / Bamboo
Midnight / Bamboo
Midnight / Bamboo
Midnight / Bamboo
Midnight / Bamboo
Midnight / Bamboo
Midnight / Bamboo
Midnight / Bamboo

Midnight / Bamboo

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Bamboo with a vegan leather touch, it's so beautiful we can't believe it!
Our wood cases are truly one of a kind. The back is covered by FSC certified wood and vegan leather, and your phone is protected by plastic that has been tested for hazardous chemicals. With this case we promise you a personal phone case with a light feeling in your hand that won’t make your phone bulky.

-Wood is a natural material, therefore all cases are unique!
-Compatible with wireless chargers

We are working hard to provide smart products for you. This case has been manufactured in a mold, which is the eco-friendliest way of production there is, with as close to zero plastic spill! It has been through rigid testing for most toxics, leaving you with a safe case to use that you can throw in the combustible bin when you are done using it.

Hard plastics are difficult to recycle, but we are doing our best to provide the best options for the products that are produced using the material. For each case we sell we want to create a positive net effect through various projects. Please read more about how we calculate the omissions and compensate for them!

Thin wood case with a natural feel, made from sustainably grown wood and controlled plastic

Soft protective edge that gives you a perfect grip while easily sliding in and out of your pocket!

Also available with a hard edge design with open buttons, your model is then called
“Hard Edge Case”

✓ Raised edge to protect your screen and camera-lenses from scratches and damages

 Just engraved! Your case is engraved and finished the same day as you buy it, and it may have a fresh wood scent when you get it!

Ships out from our workshop and office in Sweden!

✓ Compatible with wireless charging. Free from magnets! Since you still need a cord for the wireless charger, we choose not to mix the demanding heavy metal into the product

✓ MagSafe compatible. Just adjust your phone first!

 No fabric! Get rid of the textile industry's emissions where you don’t need them!

Your order is normally shipped within 24 hours after your order. All orders ship from Sweden 🇸🇪
When you buy a wood case, we normally engrave and ship it the same day, but sometimes might need 2 work-days for it to be finished and shipped out! All to ensure you will get the best looking product! :)

Normal delivery times: 

  • Sweden: 1-5 days 
  • Norway4-9 days
  • Finland & Denmark4-9 days  
  • Europe: 4-10 days 
  • Outside of Europe: 5-14 days

If you haven't received your product within 14 days (orders within Europe, including Scandinavia) or 19days (orders outside of Europe) We will help you out further to make sure you get the product!

Shipping days is counted as regular workdays. We are working very hard to sustain fast shipping because we know how much you appreciate it!

Contact us at hello@northones.com if you have any problems at all and we'll be happy to help

Where is my order delivered?

Our delivery boxes are made to normally fit in the mailbox, but sometimes you'll might have to pick it up at a post office! If you buy a traceable package service it can be either delivered directly at your door or at nearest pickup location!

How is it shipped?

Depending on what country you buy to and with what service, we will use the appropriate shipping company, but in most cases your order is shipped with PostNord, who then hands it over to your country's  local post service to deliver to you! This is used normally for both traceable and standard shipping option!


When it comes to the packaging, we are pleased not to use any unnecessary plastic. 99.9% of our packaging is plastic-free. The delivery note is printed on craft paper. The product is packed in cardboard. In the cases where we need to use tape, tape made from kraft paper and potato starch or from silicone-free paper with natural rubber is used.

Do you not want a delivery note or product box included in the delivery? - write "no delivery note" or "no product box" in the comments when you place your order! The product box helps protect your case even if we also use an outer box, but it is possible to remove it, we still take responsibility for any shipping damages!

Regrets and Exchanges

Do you want to change or return your product? 
No worries! There are many different models and we understand that it can get mixed up!


All you need to do is return the product to us within 90 days and we will refund you once we get it and checked it quickly! 

How to return your product:

1. Package your return
2. Add your order number (or order note) in the return 
3. Send the product to the return address

Return address:
North Ones RS
Soderbyvagen 13
19560 Arlandastad


Return the product as above!
If you prefer a new product, you can place an order for the new one right away!
We will refund you when we get the product back! You can also email us if need help to get the right product!

In order to make your purchase a little bit more important, we do not offer pre-paid returns. If you have any uncertainties before ordering - please contact us and we'll help you out!  If the online-chat is not available, please email us at hello@northones.com 

Since our packages are usually small and light, postage stamps is normally the most price-worthy option, if you do not want it to be traceable. Your local post-office can help you to get either the right number of stamps, or a traceable return!


If there is anything wrong with your product, please let us know at hello@northones.com, and we will help you with either a new product or money back

Customs & TAX/VAT

All products ship from Sweden
If you are shopping from:

  • European Union Member State (EU)
    Germany, France, Italy, Spain e.g. 
    Your country's local VAT rate is added to the product price already, and there will be no extra costs or custom fees

  • Norway
    Norwegian MVA is added to the product price already, and there will be no extra costs or custom fees
  • European - non-EU member States
    UK, Switzerland, Iceland e.g. 
    The Price is displayed excluding VAT and your order price will be excluding VAT.
    When importing it to your country, you might be charged a customs fee depending on the country you are importing to and the total order amount. Please check with your customs to learn about your fees. In many countries the product price is lower than the country's threshold for customs

  • Orders outside of Europe
    US, Canada, Australia e.g.
    The Price is displayed excluding Tax and your order price will be excluding Tax.
    When importing it to your country, you might be charged a customs fee depending on the country you are importing to and the total order amount. Please check with your customs to learn about your fees. In many countries the product price is lower than the country's threshold for customs
3 times it's weight
We remove plastic

In collaboration with Plastic Bank, we ensure that 3 times the weight of your case is removed from nature (in e.g. Haiti) and becomes part of a new trade system - namely the trade in the recycled plastic. This adds value to the plastic, which in turn creates job opportunities, more reuse and a cleaner nature. A few steps in the right direction! If you also recycle this case as combustible (if it is thrown away in Sweden), the energy is reused and the total amount of trash on the planet is reduced

abstract nature
Sustainable forestry and tested materials
{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"We use FSC-certified wood in our products, which means sustainable forestry that prevents deforestation, with a focus on having a positive effect on animals, nature and people instead\n"},{"type":"text","value":"\n","bold":true},{"type":"text","value":" Tested against dangerous additives, the case is tested for, among other things, cadmium, lead, mercury, 6t-chrome, PBBs, PBDEs, Bis(2-ethylexyl), phthalates and lives up to the requirements and regulations we have in Sweden"}]}]}

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