About us

North Ones

Is a company that wants to be the best at what we do. We want to deliver the market's best phone case with you and our planet in mind! Our products must be tested, free of toxics, and have a carefully mapped life cycle, with a focus on the lowest possible emissions! Nothing is completely emission-free today and no goods are 100% plastic-free, not even the best plant-based cases are completely free of plastic, even if it is bioplastic. Therefore, we compensate, so that we can have a net-positive effect. If you recycle your case the right way and we make sure to compensate in different ways, we can actually make the planet cleaner and better as it looks today. IF you need a new case, North Ones should be your best option!

our history

North Ones is basically a company that sold different goods! There has been a focus on traditional covers and this is still an active part of the business. Over the last year, we at North Ones have chosen to take all the excess funds and all possible resources from the company we built and instead invest it into what you see today - a whole product line with smart, well thought-trough cases. We want to show other companies that this is where the future lies. And the best way to do that is take the lead! That is why we are so grateful that you choose to make your purchase from us!

We don't believe in overconsumption

So.. how does this help us sell more cases? It doesn't. But it's OK!
We want to be part of something that works long-term.
A sustainable consumption of products like ours is the only thing that will work in the long term!

What you get

* Thoughtful unique products
* Transparency and documentation, we are honest with what we sell
* Smooth access to our valued customer support
* Home delivery of order within just a few days
* Full 90 days open purchase
* Opportunity to be part of a new era where we redefine how we consume today, an option that you should be able to get behind

What does it give us?

When you choose to buy from us, you give us the opportunity to show the world that the future lies in sustainability and that there are better alternatives! We are very passionate about what we do and we are grateful for the chance you give us!

In the end, it's all about the cases…
We create high quality, unique cases, finding better solutions and working with smart materials. Our cases have a Nordic Design and an inspiration from nature! I'm happy to have you join us!


Ted North One's Our History
Ted Lindgren, Founder
"I am incredibly happy and proud of the company we at North Ones can present to you today! The soulful products we developed with a sense of nature and freedom are a big part of my life, something that gives me joy and excitement, security and harmony. We are all driven by a strong sense of meaning in what we do. We want to show the world that there are fantastic opportunities where sustainable business and positive development for society go hand in hand! By creating something better for all of us, we develop ! Thank you for your support and trust!"

North Ones is a Brand under Ingeborg AB, 559027-0202