Food - The everyday issue

Okey, we know for sure that we need to eat to survive. Food is an everyday issue that we need to figure out. I will give you some guidance in what you can do to become more sustainable when it comes to food!

1.) Reduce food waste.
2.) Eat more sustainable food.
3.) Choose food connected to right season
4.) Compost

In this post I'll be presenting tips connected to the first and last headline; The other have their own posts for you to read. 

Reduce food waste.

About one third of globally produced food is tossed away instead of eaten. → CRAZY!
A swedish common citizen throws 80 kilo food (20 kilo eatable food) every year which means that one household can save at least 300-600 euro each year. How to do it?

- Do not fill the fridge, make sure you know what’s in there.
- Plan your shopping, buy only what you eat.
- Do not throw good food just because it passed date. Smell and taste instead. 
- Use leftovers, a nice smorgardsbord works every time! 


When you have minimized the food waste you should use the compost. If you grow plants for eating yourself use it as fertilizer. If you don’t, send it with the municipal food waste. Please don’t put it among your everyday waste, because if you do that the waste will end up on landfill or be burnt inefficient in thermal powers. If you sort it with the municipal food waste it can transformed to biofuel or fertilizers making substances circular. Very good!! 

So to sum it up! Reduce your food waste and make the best of the rest! Next blogs will be about sustainable food and seasonal food.

Please enjoy!