Why Screen Time Limits Don't Work - And What You Should Do Instead!


Have you tried the Screen time function on your phone but feel like it does not quite fill your needs?
I have a better solution!

I strongly believe it’s not about how much time you spend, it is how many times!
This will really boost your life.

Lets say you want to use Instagram less (what!?) and you set 30minutes screen time for IG. This means that you can still, whenever, and however often you want, open the app. For example in the morning when you wake up, perhaps you check Instagram, then close the app, and check something ese, then return to open IG again, and then over to something else and back to IG.. repeating this un-rewarding ritual multiple times in one “session”. Before lunch you maybe just used 15minutes screen time on IG, but added 15-50 task switches. This creates a fragmented day where you feel stressed, overwhelmed, always falling behind, working on multiple un-important tasks at the same time just to get somewhere. Later in the evening perhaps you feel like you must catch up on work, missing leisure time as well. Well, there is a better way.

Let’s say you limit the number of times you open the app instead.
Let’s pick 5 times per day. Meaning after you open the app until you leave it, is one time spent. (no switching between apps during this time)

So – the good thing about having a limited number of times is that you have to make them count. You don’t just check it doing something else, you sit down during a break and do just that and nothing else. This could mean checking IG 10 minutes after breakfast and 15 minutes during lunch. You now have more screen time than before, but it has only demanded 2 task switches from waking up until lunch! This means getting more done and being happier about your work-output you will be less prone to feeling like you need to catch up on it later, and you get more free time, less stress, more important work done, and a good time using your phone. I strongly recommend deleting the apps between every time as well!

Try it and let me know what you think!

At North Ones we are doing things differently, our focus is on what is best for you in the long term, over the short term fuzz the market has got stuck in! Our cases are a reminder about the things you enjoy and value.
Life as you Like it!