The Amazonas isn’t called the “lungs of the earth” for no reason. It creates more than 20% of the world’soxygen and is home to over 10% of the world’s plants and animals.

We are all hurting right now.

The last days we have been working like crazy to find out what we actually can do, and here’s the deal.

The government in Brazil, with Bolsonaro in the lead, is in heavy deny of climate change. Thinking more about creating current wealth than long term sustainable prosperity. Forests and wild life populations are not a priority.
Farmers are setting the forest on fire and government is looking the other way. They want to enlarge their territories mainly to be able to produce and export more beef.

The bigger picture.

The problem is larger than Brazil.

South America has a long history of Social and Ecological violence. The indigenous people who have lived hand in hand with nature for thousands of years now have to fight to protect it from overexploitation.

It is important to see the link between overconsumption, the western lifestyle and these problems. This is where we can do a lot of work.

If you need a new phone case. Here is where we fit in.   

Our products are made of recycled cork, plant based compostable material or from FSC-marked wood, focusing on sustainable forestry and benefitting the local people.

We want to be your best option an ever-changing world!

Also. For the case you buy, we make sure that 3times its weight is plastic will be removed from nature and re-used in new products or disposed most efficiently!
And yes.. 10% of ALL our sales for the next 3 days goes to amazon watch. We choose them because we want to be as close to the problem as we can. They work with indigenous and environmental organizations for human rights, corporate accountability and the preservation of Amazon’s ecological systems.
Please check them out and see if you can help.