VAT & Taxes, international & non-EU orders

All products ship from SwedenIf you are shopping from a country within the European Union (EU), such as Germany, your local VAT-rate is added on the product price already. 

If you are shopping from Norway you will not be charged any customs fee or Taxes after your delivery. When you buy from us the price is including Norwegian "moms" (25%) and the product will not be subject to customs fees. All is set in other words!

Orders outside of Europe & non-EU member states
If you are shopping from a country outside of Europe, such as the US, or from a European but non-EU member country, such as UK.
The Price is displayed exluding VAT and your order price will be excluding VAT.
When importing it to your country, you will be charged a customs fee which vary depending what country you are ordering to. Please check with your customs to learn about your fees.