One of the newest trends in this shopping frenzy is White Friday . Both White Monday and White Friday are concepts that are meant to be a counter to Black Friday and the consumer frenzy that it entails with big red sale prices.

White Monday: A concept with recycling in focus and an attempt to be the opposite of Black Friday . Instead of buying new and buying products in quantities, the consumer is encouraged to prepare products that are already in the home and to shop second hand. This is absolutely the most environmentally friendly way to act when it comes to all kinds of consumption.

White Friday : This concept is more directed towards the concept of sustainability as a whole. When it comes to social sustainability and economic sustainability, consumption can be considered necessary. However, it is important to consume in the right way and strive for what are known as circular flows. White Friday means that no price reductions are made, but instead that companies donate a certain percentage to charity to contribute to social sustainability. The hope is that the consumer then only buys goods that he actually needs and that the choice falls on a product that keeps its quality for a long time and is made of well-chosen materials.

We at North Ones try to contribute to a more sustainable world by presenting a range of more environmentally friendly mobile phone cases. In addition, we compensate for the material used in our products. The White Friday concept is completely in line with the corporate culture we want to maintain and we also want to be a little extra kind to you as customers, therefore we will invest in our own concept "White Weekend". During the weekend we are running a campaign on our stylish and personal wooden shells. You can temporarily during the weekend buy a wooden shell and get a 20% discount. In addition, we also donate 20% of the price to charity for the wooden shells. For other shells, we invest wholeheartedly in charity and therefore we will donate 10% per Pela and cork shell. The best of both worlds, SALE & Charity!

We try to adapt the contribution to society so that it does the most good right now. Since Christmas is fast approaching and this is a holiday where children should undoubtedly be put first, the money will be donated to BRIS - Children's rights in society. The money helps to ensure that telephones can be staffed during the Christmas holidays and that resources can be deployed where they are really needed. It is our duty as adults to protect the little ones in society.

Shop responsibly , preferably with us!