Recycling Wood

Our wood cases are truly one of a kind with their composition! The wood cases come in walnut, cherry and bamboo and all varieties of wood are FSC certified. The plastic is polycarbonate and have been thoroughly tested. Mixing plastic and wood means that less plastic is needed compared to a traditional plastic case, and it also makes it so much more stunning.

The plastic is formed using a process called injection molding which is one of the best processes thanks to low energy consumption, together with the fact that this specific process comes with almost zero waste compared to other processes forming plastic. The printed images are hand drawn by us. 

The plastic is polycarbonate which is a hard plastic consisting coloring. Since it’s a hard plastic it means that you should sort your case as combustible waste, so the plastic and the wood can be burned up.  The materials contains energy and when the municipality burn your case together with the household waste it will be transformed to heat and electricity, which is essential for everyday use. There is a big problem with plastic reaching the oceans all over the globe. Make sure you put the case in a bin and not on the streets or in nature! We are aiming for a positive net effect, and are currently working to find a fitting environmental compensation for our plastic sales. We are calculating the emissions from the case and will compensate by helping to remove single use plastic from nature. Together we can make sure that less plastic linger in wrong places!