Dog Sled  | Walnut - Line Edition
Dog Sled  | Walnut - Line Edition
Dog Sled  | Walnut - Line Edition
dog sled northones walnut case
Dog Sled  | Walnut - Line Edition
Dog Sled  | Walnut - Line Edition
Dog Sled  | Walnut - Line Edition
Dog Sled  | Walnut - Line Edition
Dog Sled  | Walnut - Line Edition
Dog Sled  | Walnut - Line Edition
Dog Sled  | Walnut - Line Edition
Dog Sled  | Walnut - Line Edition
Dog Sled  | Walnut - Line Edition
Dog Sled  | Walnut - Line Edition
Dog Sled  | Walnut - Line Edition
Dog Sled  | Walnut - Line Edition
Dog Sled  | Walnut - Line Edition

Dog Sled | Walnut - Line Edition

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We are very happy to present this wonderful case together with Line Victoria Sverdrup!
Line's old relative was Otto Sverdrup! One of the world's most famous explorers who did some of the most known polar expeditions to the North Pole and Greenland with dog sled! 
This case is in honor of his astounding accomplishments, to remind you about the possibilities that lie just around the corner, and never stop planning your next big adventure!

Line says it best herself,
"Naturens gleder vises til dem som oppsøker den"
"The rewards of nature are shown to those who seek it" 
- Line Victoria Sverdrup

About Otto:
Otto was captain on the famous boat "Fram", with a crew who did many attempts to reach the North Pole and got the furthest north of their time!
One of his biggest accomplishments was his attempt in 1898 of getting as far north as possible up the west coast of Greenland, which was a long mission, ending up in Canada and returning to Oslo 4 years later. A total of 260,000 square kilometers was charted on Greenland - more than any other polar exploration.
Otto Sverdrup has his picture drawn stamps in Norway, Greenland and Canada. He is also portrayed on the  Norwegian airlines.

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Line V Sverdrup

This shell was developed and designed together with Line, who lives in Norway and is often out on trips with his Greenland dogs. Line is an inspiration for everyone who feels that they find a part of themselves in nature and to get more people to discover it

Line says it best himself

"The joys of nature are shown to those who seek them out

Lines is related to Otto Sverdrup. One of the world's most famous explorers who made some of the most talked about polar expeditions of all time, to both the North Pole and Greenland by dog ​​sled!

The story behind the shell
The polar expedition

Otto was the captain of the well-known boat "Fram", with a crew that made several attempts to reach the North Pole, they took the record for reaching the farthest north ever for their time!

One of Otto's greatest achievements was when in 1898 he tried to reach northern Greenland by traveling by dog ​​sled along its western coast. Due to large ice masses, the mission failed, but instead resulted in the largest survey of the Greenland Islands and the most comprehensive polar expedition of all time.

Otto mapped 260,000 square kilometers of Greenland, and after stopping in Canada he returned four years later to Oslo.

3 times the weight
We pick up plastic

In collaboration with Plastic Bank, we ensure that 3 times the weight of your shell is picked up from nature (in e.g. Haiti) and becomes part of a new trade system - namely the trade in the recycled plastic. This adds value to the plastic, which in turn creates job opportunities, more reuse and a cleaner nature. A few steps in the right direction! If you also recycle this shell as combustible (if it is thrown away in Sweden), the energy is reused and the total amount of trash on the planet is reduced

Sustainable forestry and tested materials

We use FSC-certified wood in our products, which means sustainable forestry that opposes deforestation, with a focus on having a positive effect on animals, nature and people instead

Tested against dangerous additives, the shell is tested for, among other things, cadmium, lead, mercury, 6t-chrome, PBBs, PBDEs, Bis(2-ethylexyl), phthalates and lives up to the requirements and regulations we have in Sweden

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