International orders:
Please choose your country in the selector if possible to get your countries delivery times

All products ships from our warehouse in Sweden, for the wood cases we finish and engrave them when you buy it, since it is a craft we sometimes need 2-3 days to send it out, but usually finish making your product the same day or the day after!

To most parts of the world we deliver within 9 Days

No matter your option - if you do not get your order within the following days, we will help you

Norway: 14 working days
Finland: 14 working days
Denmark: 14 working days
Rest of Europe: 14 working days
Outside of Europe: 19 working days

More info about shipping to your country follows in the checkout

Contact us at if you have any problems at all and we'll be happy to help

If you live in Sweden you can count on having the order in your mailbox within five days. We would never let you wait for more than 14 days! If it would pass the 14 day mark however, send an email to and we'll take care of the issue! Phone cases normally fit in the mailbox, but sometimes you'll might have to pick it up at a post office.
You can choose between 
* Standard shipping, no tracking, 1-5days - 0SEK
* Varubrev, traceable, 1-5days - 19SEK