Eat what's best for the season!

Okey, so this is kind of hard to simplify and the reason for this is that it varies depending on the climate. Up in the north we have a rather big difference between the seasons of the year compared to countries closer to the equator. It’s common to believe that locally produced food always is the best alternative but this is not true. 

For example, growing tomatoes in winter up in the north takes a lot of energy, warmth and additives to make the tomatoes grow. Instead, if tomatoes are transported from areas where the tomatoes can grow in nature, with the sun as the only energy supply it’s better, even if transports are included.

However, locally produced food at the right time of the year is always to prefer. A good reminder is that the goods are often cheaper while it’s their season. So look for the seasonal directives for your area and look around you. It’s not that hard to notice when some plants are delivering fruits or when a specifikt art of fish or other goods are cheap.

Eat smart and cheap! It’s good for you AND for the planet!