Guide: Make your own oat drink

One of the biggest and most sustainable trends right now is to use oat-based products in your diet. Oat drink can also be made yourself, which is both cheaper and less resource-intensive than buying ready-made. Here comes a fine recipe and suggestions for seasoning! The "only" thing you need is a hand blender/blender, sieve or something else fancy to sift through.

Ingredients (1L)
4.5 dl oatmeal, gluten-free if needed
1.5 l of water
3 tablespoons coconut or rapeseed oil
0.5 tsp salt

0.5 tsp vanilla powder
1.5 tsp agave syrup/honey

0.5 tsp cinnamon
0.5 tsp cardamom


The nice thing is that the seasonings can be combined. Our own favorite is to choose sweetening with stevia and vanilla powder. It is also easy and delicious to make a chai drink by mixing cardamom, cinnamon and a little honey and also adding cloves, which can be both ground or bought ready-ground. 0.5 tsp vanilla powder

So how do you do it? It's all so incredibly simple. Mix all the ingredients and mix everything for a couple of minutes until it becomes white and creamy. Then it's just a matter of straining away the remains. The flavoring should be added after straining for the best taste, but it can be done before as well. The leftovers can be used in porridge, in bread baking or as breadcrumbs, which makes the whole thing even more sustainable.

Drink as it is, heat and flavor further (chai drink is super good hot), put on porridge or mix into sauces and smoothies.

The oat drink lasts 3-4 days in the refrigerator and it should be shaken before because it layers when it stands. Completely natural.

Make your own drink, add it to coffee, porridge or a good smoothie and enjoy!